Gift Spotlight: Day Designers

It is about that time when we begin to look ahead to the next year! We start looking at the calendars and planners that we want to use (and are hoping that we actually will use). Each year I would look at planners and try to decide which planners I wanted for the new year, and how I was going to plan out that particular year. Each year I had such high hopes... And each year I my poor planner would end up in my night table drawer.

That changed last year when a friend introduced me to the Day Designer.

Day Designer was created by Whitney English as a simple and easy way to help you plan and create your day. The daily pages of the planner are broken down into clear and easy sections. My favorite part is how specifically each page is laid out: the righthand side for hourly planning, the left to jot down all of your tasks, and lastly, a section for that day’s top three priorities. There are even sections for notes, items that are due, and a gratitude area for each day. Each Day Designer page allows you to focus on the day without creating such a long list of do’s that you become overwhelmed.

A great bonus is that there are free printables that are introduced throughout the year, which range from bill planning to packing lists. The fact that these are available online means that you can truly curate your daily planner to include sections you need without being overwhelming.

I am so excited that we were able to partner with Day Designer and add their line to our store. I have introduced this planner to so many friends; it truly is a wonderful tool.

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