Gift Buyer Spotlight: Meal Planning


For anyone who cooks, meal plans or throws dinner parties you begin to realize that there’s not always a lot of options to help you prepare. I started bullet journaling my meal plans because I couldn’t find anything that fit my needs, which resulted in me falling into a bullet journal rabbit hole. I became so excited when both Elūm and Ruth and Ramona launched their Meal Planners and Girl of Work launched their Recipe Editor.


Elūm and Ruth and Ramona have a different approach to their meal planners. Elūm has the feel of being more casual and laid back with their printed kraft paper. The pad features 52 perforated pages to tear off and take it with you to the store. Ramona and Ruth’s approach is to take the meal planner and make it into a spiral notebook with the days at the top and your grocery list at the bottom of this 55 page planner. It even has a space for you to designate which week you are planning for.

Once our planning is done then starts the real task at hand: cooking. For most of us (either newbies or experienced cooks) we are going to have to make adjustments to the recipe that we are working from. Either our oven doesn’t heat at the same temperature, we need to cut back on an ingredient or several other variables. Most of us either write in our cookbooks or make notes on recipe cards or in our journals and magazines. This is where the Recipe Editor from Girl at Work is amazing. Each pad consists of 65 sticky notes that allows for everything from rating taste to a section for cooking temperatures. This has helped tremendously; now I don’t have multiple crazy sticky notes inside of my cookbook! This has also made substitutions, tweaks, and actual serving sizes easy and clear.

Each of us has our own plan on how we tackle meal planning, making adjustments to recipes, and cooking in general. These new products give us just a little extra planning and ease. They have become a great addition to Brazos' cooking section.

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