Gift Buyer Spotlight: Local Vendors

As much as we love selling books, we're all about cementing community with writers and artists in Houston. We're excited to have the opportunity to feature gift items from local vendors across the city. We will have a pop-up vendor station available at the front of the store. Here are a few vendors we're going to be showcasing:













Birch and Goldberry (candles)

As working artists, we at Birch & Goldberry strive to carefully handcraft special products in order to elevate everyday commodities to find the blend between beauty and functionality. We believe in the impact of thoughtfully curated details, both in our studio process and the presentation of the final product.

Beth Benefield (jewelry) 

I'm a jewelry designer by night and a finance director by day. My inspiration comes from color, beautiful prints and fashion. I started experimenting with jewelry when I tried to duplicate a leather bracelet I saw in a store. This led to exploring other facets of jewelry making. I love my creative outlet and am excited to share it with Brazos Bookstore.


Local Notables (gift boxes)

I’m trained as a lawyer but my passion is business, specifically helping others grow theirs. I went to South Texas College of Law and earned my MBA at the University of Houston, and was always itching to start something of my own. After graduating law school, I started a recruiting firm to staff paralegals and legal assistants at law firms, but even after taking the bar and while practicing and recruiting, I wanted a creative outlet. So I started a bakery business out of my kitchen, making the Southern-inspired desserts that my family has been eating forever. I set up at farmer’s markets and local fairs and, aside from sharing my treats with the world, I met a boatload of other makers and creatives who are passionate about their particular craft (usually on a part-time basis; most have full-time “real” jobs). Many didn’t have any formal business training and were selling their wares for the same reason I was: they had an innate desire to share their passion with others. I decided to blend my business background with their creative backgrounds to create a win-win situation all around: as a purchaser, you’re supporting the local maker community and as one of our vendors, we get to present your product to folks you may never chance to cross paths with.

Marilyn Biles (scarves)

For lifelong artist Marilyn Biles, art is not a static object meant to be passively observed. It is the language she speaks. Perhaps this is why her patrons feel such a strong connection to her work. The artist began her journey at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia as a fashion illustration major, so it's only fitting that her paintings are now reborn as scarves. The cashmere perfectly captures the fluidity of her work, and her paintings, with raw emotion realized in color, are a perfect match for the material.

Ülrika Moats (jewelry)

 I'm the gift buyer for Brazos Bookstore. I have been designing jewelery for over ten years. A graduate of Savanagh College of Art and Design with a degree in Metals & Jewelry and a graduate degree in Graphic Design, I went straight into fashion retail. Most of that time was spent as a corporate merchandiser. I love high fashion, but I also love things that are organic and playful. My first collection since my undergraduate thesis show is a collection of brass and sterling silver cuff bracelets based on plant cells; I like things that are structured however I find that most of my jewelry is inspired by organic patterns.

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