Gift Buyer Spotlight: Ethereal Confections Chocolates

Article by Ulrika

It’s always great to find a new company that will fit with the store, especially one that is a small business. There are those times as a buyer that a company will reach out to you in the hopes that they will be a good fit. This was the case with our new chocolate vendor Ethereal Confections out of Woodstock, IL. It started with an email and a link to their company’s site, as well as the offer of sending samples. Like a small child anticipating a present in the mail, I waited to taste the samples that they were sending. Once they arrived, no one (even people who aren’t normally fans of dark chocolate) was disappointed.

Ethereal Confections was started by two friends who discovered that their hobby of making chocolate was turning into something more. As anyone who has already had a chance to taste their product knows, the quality and passion that goes into their chocolate is remarkable. They source their chocolate from regions where they can forge a mutually beneficial relationship, primarily from Central and South America. Their chocolate is also organic, dairy and soy free, vegan, and most of it is gluten free.

Their fusions of flavors from Almonds, Blueberries, and Lavender to the single origin bars tell a multi-note story with each bite. There hasn’t been a sample or bar that I have tried that I didn’t fall in love with – which, considering I’m not the biggest chocolate fan, is wonderful. Their packaging is just as impressive as the chocolate itself. Another singular detail about their inclusion chocolate bars is that the toppings (sea salt, peppercorn, rose petals and more) are not chopped up and mixed into the chocolate, but instead sprinkled on top. This small detail, like many others, makes a huge difference and speaks to the care Ethereal confections puts into their wonderful products.

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