Buyer Spotlight: Bullet Journals

Article by Ulrika

January: it’s a perfect time of year to start getting your life organized, whether with planners and journals, or with calendar alerts on your phone. But myself? I’m always trying to stay organized. In fact, over the summer, I fell down a rabbit hole of bullet journal blogs, posts, and videos—and, like any good friend (or enabler?), I took a few other people down the rabbit hole with me. We made plans to start our own bullet journals, which included multiple ones for different needs. It’s a challenge, but also a thrill, since I’m the type of person who loves juggling multiple planners to keep my life organized.

While at the Las Vegas Summer Market, I found a new journal company—Designworks Ink, which carries Standard Issue journals in two different styles: hardcover and wire binding. Lucky for me (and those friends I enabled), both are meant for bullet journaling. The excitement of finding these at market was immediate, but it was when I opened the journal that I truly fell in love. Each one has day/month headers and subject lines, an ID badge on the cover, informational pages, gold foil accents, an elastic pen holder, and gorgeous acid-free paper printed with soy inks. But here’s where the two journals differ: the hardcover Standard Issue journal has a bullet template with a ruler in a side cover envelope, whereas the twin wire binding journal has a bullet page-finder with a template. There are many ways you can bullet journal, which these items prove.

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