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Anyone who follows us online or in-store knows that we host A LOT of events—more and more each year, it seems. We love the community these events help create, and we’re always looking ahead to more exciting stuff (including Zadie Smith visiting in January to discuss her just-released novel, SWING TIME).

Below, find our list of our bestselling events of 2016, which includes two we hosted offsite at the Christ Church Cathedral, Episcopal. This list of ten books speaks to the diversity of the events we host at Brazos Bookstore, and each one makes a great gift this holiday season!

On My Own Cover Image
ISBN: 9781101875285
Availability: UNAVAILABLE
Published: Knopf - February 2nd, 2016


The beloved NPR radio host visited us in February to discuss her memoir, ON MY OWN; needless to say, tickets sold out pretty quickly. Everyone loves Rehm—her intelligence, her bravery—and this book is perfect for people who have been following her career all these years.

The After Party: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781594633164
Availability: Unlikely to Be Available
Published: Riverhead Books - May 17th, 2016


DiSclafani set THE AFTER PARTY in a voluptuous milieu: Houston’s own River Oaks neighborhood in the 1950s. The novel has glamour, suspense, and humor as it tells the story of the lifelong bond between two wealthy women. For people who want to learn about Houston’s past and also read a great page-turner.

SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome Cover Image
ISBN: 9781631492228
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Liveright - September 6th, 2016


SPQR was one of our featured titles last year, and this year we hosted Beard as she toured around the country for the paperback release. In this book, she provides a nuanced and lucid history of Rome, so history buffs and lovers of the ancient world will rejoice.

The City of Mirrors: A Novel (Book Three of The Passage Trilogy) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780345505002
Availability: Unlikely to Be Available
Published: Ballantine Books - May 24th, 2016


We’re lucky to call Cronin a Houston writer, and in this conclusion to his acclaimed trilogy of horror novels, he ends a rich and textured story of vampires and apocalypse. The whole trilogy makes a great gift for people who love horror fiction.

The Adventurist: A Novel Cover Image
Unavailable from Brazos Bookstore
ISBN: 9781250062239
Availability: OUT OF PRINT - Not Available for Order
Published: St. Martin's Press - April 26th, 2016


Another Houston writer! Hipps’ debut novel of workplace mundaneness and the search for release recalls the style of Walker Percy’s THE MOVIEGOER. Here is a book of bureaucratic humor, and readers of smart, snappy literary fiction will eat it up.

A Friend of Mr. Lincoln: A novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780307700674
Availability: Unlikely to Be Available
Published: Knopf - February 2nd, 2016


Harrigan’s novel tells the story of a young Abraham Lincoln during his days as a lawyer in Illinois—a different look at one of America’s most looming historical figures. A lot of fun for lovers of historical fiction, and for people who want to probe our nation’s past for answers to our present.

Before We Visit the Goddess: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781476792002
Availability: UNAVAILABLE
Published: Simon & Schuster - April 19th, 2016


Divakaruni is a beloved professor at the University of Houston, and a prolific author. This new novel—one of her best—follows an Indian-American family through its ups and downs over three generations. It’s a sly and heartwarming read.

The Sadness Cover Image
ISBN: 9781939419705
Availability: NOT ON OUR SHELVES. Usually Arrives in 4-7 Business Days
Published: Unnamed Press - June 14th, 2016


The debut novel from our own marketing director! Rybeck’s book tells the story of two misanthropic siblings reunited in Portland, Maine, to solve the mystery of a missing girl and how it connects to a famous cult film. Perfect for cinephiles and also people who like smart literary mysteries!

The Making of Donald Trump Cover Image
Unavailable from Brazos Bookstore
ISBN: 9781612196329
Availability: OUT OF PRINT - Not Available for Order
Published: Melville House - August 2nd, 2016


Good lord, what to say about this one? At Brazos, we try to keep ourselves above the political fray, but this book increasingly seems like a must-read. In it, Johnston—who has reported on Trump for decades—reveals some of the more unsettling truths about our next president. Get this book for any family member who doesn’t understand why you can’t stop crying.


Iconic Nigerian author Ndibe—a heroic cultural commentator in his own country—visited us to discuss this collection of essays. This is a work of great empathy, and a must-read for people who want to open their eyes to other cultures.

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