Ülrika's Paper and Pen Pal Club Wish List

In mid-2017, I sat down with our Marketing Director Sara to brainstorm. We wanted to create a place where people could take a moment, write about their favorite books, and start conversations with someone that they never met; to provide an opportunity to unplug and have something tangible to look back on weeks, months, or even years later.

This idea became our Paper and Pen Pal Club! We launched our first event in August in partnership with Keep St Pete Lit in St. Petersburg, Florida. We started meeting in the store once a month to exchange letters with our new pen pals. We've been writing about our new favorite books, books we think are great classics and books we can't wait to put on our shelves. In effect, we've started a pen pal book club!

In anticipation of our upcoming Paper and Pen Club on Monday January 15th at 6:30, I have highlighted some of my favorite items that will help anyone get ready to start letter writing:

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