Ülrika's Paper and Pen Pal Club Wish List

In mid-2017, I sat down with our Marketing Director Sara to brainstorm. We wanted to create a place where people could take a moment, write about their favorite books, and start conversations with someone that they never met; to provide an opportunity to unplug and have something tangible to look back on weeks, months, or even years later.

This idea became our Paper and Pen Pal Club! We launched our first event in August in partnership with Keep St Pete Lit in St. Petersburg, Florida. We started meeting in the store once a month to exchange letters with our new pen pals. We've been writing about our new favorite books, books we think are great classics and books we can't wait to put on our shelves. In effect, we've started a pen pal book club!

In anticipation of our upcoming Paper and Pen Club on Monday January 15th at 6:30, I have highlighted some of my favorite items that will help anyone get ready to start letter writing:

These .7mm felt tip markers are more than just for coloring. I use these wonderful markers for all things writing, whether I am sending out notes or planning in my bullet journal. One of the best features, besides how fine they are, is that they have a triangle-shaped barrel so your markers won’t roll away!

This has quickly become one of my favorite fountain pens. Designed in Japan, the Pilot Metropolitan is a great mid-range starter fountain pen, as well as a wonderful writing tool for someone who already has a pen collection. Each pen comes with with one Pilot black ink cartridge for ease of use and one Pilot Press Plate Converter, so you can use any ink you'd like. More styles and colors are available in the store.

This beautifully formed writing set gives you the option to write just a few words or a longer letter without having to use separate sheets of paper. Each kit features 90 accordion-style sheets perforated along each fold, so they can be cut to any length. The kit also comes with 10 envelopes.

These postal notebooks from Moleskine are a combination of a notebook, notecard, and mini sketchbook. Each Postal Notebook has 8 blank pages of ivory-colored paper, which allows for you to write your letter, add a sketch or drawing, or even collage some of your favorite items. Once you are done just fold the outside envelope, seal, address and stamp; your notebook is ready for the mail!

These beautifully accented and ruled pages are large enough for longer letters. Each pad has 60 gold foiled tear-off sheets; natural white paper with a floral design at the top and bottom of each sheet. Plus, we also offer coordinating envelopes for the Monarch Writing Pad, which makes a wonderful set for sharing letters and personal notes.  

SKU: 871845000057

This set is perfect for people who want to have everything at their fingertips when writing letters. Each set is designed in a luxe box that can be reused. Each box contains 40 writing sheets with four different designs, 40 matching envelopes, and 50 assorted stickers and labels. All you need to do to is grab your favorite pen and start writing.

SKU: 9781477000779

Flat notes are great for writing a quick friendly message or a thank you note. These have just enough room to jot everything down, but not too much that you feel you need to fill the entire page. With 50 cards and envelopes, you are set to start writing.

The great thing about letter writing is that it can start at almost any age. Ooly creates the one-stop shop for all stationery needs for little ones. This kit includes: 8 letter sheets, 4 envelopes, 4 postcards, a notebook, mechanical pencil, a four-color click pen, a sheet of animal stickers, and an eraser. Everything comes in a reusable carrying bag to help keep the kit together.

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