Meet Kevin, Inventory Assistant

I began working at Brazos Bookstore in November of 2016 as a bookseller. Shortly thereafter I began working in the back of house as Inventory Assistant.

Before being hired on as a part-time bookseller, I was a full-time shopper. I loved having a store in my neighborhood where I could find lesser-known presses, get excellent staff recommendations, and keep my bookshelf stocked with odd-ball titles. My tastes vary widely, but I find more often than not that I’m drawn to the strange and unusual. From creative non-fiction to poetry, novellas to short stories, I enjoy almost all forms of writing especially when they explore the more absurd aspects of life.

I received my degree in English from UHD, where I grew as a writer, but more importantly I grew as a reader. Through my studies I learned to appreciate the many different facets of literature throughout history. I became fascinated with how writers from hundreds of years ago perceived the world. I love history, and reading older works of literature provides such a unique look into the culture of bygone eras.

Brazos Bookstore was always such an excellent resource for me in finding such books. Now I’m thrilled to be able to provide those same resources for others..