The Weirdness (Jeremy Bushnell)

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Melville House, publisher of both fantastic contemporary fiction and the resurrected works of literary masters, publishes this hilarious and heartfelt novel that speaks to the underachiever in all of us. Billy Ridgeway, Bushnell’s lovable protagonist, is bad at relationships, bad at finishing things and bad at refusing the Devil when he shows up one morning asking for help. Satan asks Billy--via Powerpoint presentation--for his assistance in getting back a cat statue upon which the survival of the universe depends. What sets THE WEIRDNESS apart is its inventiveness, which never feels forced, as well as the sheer joy it takes in pop culture. Given its heady mixture of lowbrow and highbrow cleverness Bushnell’s novel has plenty of heart. Will the universe survive? Is there a difference between a banana and a phone? Are warlocks good? These questions and more are brilliantly answered in this unforgettable--and deeply weird--novel.

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ISBN: 9781612193151
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: Melville House Publishing - March 4th, 2014

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