Brazos Bookstore Consignment Program

Brazos Bookstore is a small and very carefully curated store. We take pride in our careful decision-making when it comes to the selection of books that fill our shelves. We carry only those books that comfortably fit into the Brazos Bookstore catalog. 

We accept book submissions from small or self-published authors that fit into these categories: literary fiction, graphic novels, poetry, memoir, biography, history, Texana, high-quality nonfiction, children’s books, travel, cookbooks/food writing, art monographs/art history, design, and architecture. We encourage you to take time to visit the bookstore to browse books currently on our shelves to get an idea of what we carry.

When choosing books, we consider the quality of the physical production. A professional cover design and page layout are essential. In most cases, books must have a UPC code, ISBN, and spine with author and title. Books that look and feel like those from larger publishers will be more seriously considered.

We read selections from each book we consider. We determine if the quality of the writing matches the level currently on the shelves. We look carefully at each text to determine how it fits with the current mix of inventory. The bookstore cannot act as editor or critic. We are unable to provide feedback on submissions beyond the letter of acceptance or the return of your submission.

Because we receive hundreds of submissions per year, we are currently only accepting submissions from authors living in the greater Houston metro area. Books that have a direct and specific Houston connection may also be submitted.

To submit a book for consideration, fill out this form and deliver a copy of the book to Brazos Bookstore. We will review your book and respond via email. Please include a self-addressed/stamped envelope for the return of your sample copy. Samples delivered without return postage will be donated or destroyed.

Please note we do not accept most consignment submissions.


We understand that this program won't appeal to every author and welcome your feedback. Please email comments and concerns to

  • 60/40 author/store sales split
  • Accepted consignment titles will be put into inventory on or around the 1st of the following month
  • Author payments will be sent 90 days following the date the books are put into inventory
  • Re-stocking is at the discretion of the buyer
  • Books without sales history after 90 days will be returned
  • Marketing and individual promotion of titles is the responsibility of the author 



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