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  • Book List
    By debut-author
    Jul 8th 2014

    Lacy Johnson's new book THE OTHER SIDE tells her personal harrowing story of kidnap and escape. Her first memoir, TRESPASSES, presented the rural landscape of the Great Plains through a series of prose poems and

  • Feature
    By ben
    Jun 30th 2014

    Wilton Barnhardt’s LOOKAWAY, LOOKAWAY is a “Southern novel”—it’s set in Charlotte and takes on questions of what exactly the term “New South” means—but it has more in common with the rollicking, maximalist humor of

  • Feature
    By debut-author
    Jun 24th 2014

    Discovering new authors is one of the true joys of bookselling. Over the next several months we're proud to feature some of our favorite debut authors presenting their books. We begin with Scott Cheshire,